My Animal Alphabet Book

The focus is on learning the alphabet, building vocabulary, and reading skills. The beginning kindergarten child’s focus is on learning the alphabet, but by the end of the second nine weeks of school, children will be doing much more than the alphabet. They will be reading sight words and CVC words. CVC words are three-letter words, such as run, man, top. The goal of this book is to make learning to read fun for the young child.


Delores Henriques began her training to be an educator at age eighteen. As long as she could remember she wanted to be an educator. At this point she has earned a B.A. in Education from the University of the West Indies, M.Ed. from the American InterContinental University and her Ed.S. in Early Childhood Education from North Central University.

Her philosophy “Every child can learn” gives her the strong conviction to support the individual needs of the children she teaches. Her knowledge that children learn in different ways, and implementing strategies to support the individual needs of the students, has given her the opportunity to see her students grow, and succeed in all areas of learning and development.

She believes the goal of Early Childhood Education is to get young children to read, write, think, and reason. Her desire is to help each young child achieve these goals.

She is married with two adult children and six grandchildren.

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