My Animal Alphabet Book


So much is expected of our kindergarten children today, yet many start schools and struggle behind their peers because of the lack of alphabet knowledge. Quoting from page 14 in the book, “Homes are great places for children to read, write and have fun”. This is an animal alphabet book that does not teach the alphabet in isolation but gives the child the opportunity to learn to read. This book is intentional in preparing the kindergarten child for the first grade.

The focus is on learning the alphabet, building vocabulary, and reading skills. The beginning kindergarten child’s focus is on learning the alphabet, but by the end of the second nine weeks of school, children will be doing much more than the alphabet. They will be reading sight words and CVC words. CVC words are three-letter words, such as run, man, top.

The goal of this book is to make learning to read fun for the young child. This book is for both parents and students. It reminds parents that their help is essential to the development of their children. Learning the alphabet is the beginning of a myriad of things young children must know in order to learn to read.


J is for Jaguar.
Jaguars are animals that live in the prairies of Africa. They are from the cat family. They run fast.

K is for Kangaroo.
Kangaroos are found in Australia. They hop and bounce around quickly on two legs. They travel in groups called mobs.

L is for Lion.
Lions are seen as the king of the African jungle. You can also see lions at zoos in many countries. Baby lions are called cubs.

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